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New Construction Phase Inspections

At Skyline Home Inspections we empower clients to make informed decisions about property purchase and maintenance by diligently inspecting, educating, and supporting YOU with the facts. Know before you buy!


This service is a specialty that Skyline Home Inspection has a large amount of experience in. We perform this inspection while the internal structure remains exposed giving us a perfect vantage to the structural integrity of the building. Our background gives us an exceptional understanding of what to look for in these situations and we have helped many of our past clients prevent potentially disastrous outcomes without our intervention. Our trained professional inspectors are Va Pre-Drywall Certified and ready to help!

Pre-Drywall Inspection
Walk and Talk Consultation

New Construction

Before the conclusion of any new construction, this inspection permits the inspector to view many components and structures before completion of a contract. Hiring an unbiased professional assures you that the home has been built to the correct
standards is highly recommended. This will ensure that any future troubles with the construction won’t come out of your pocket at a later date. Our trained professional inspectors are Va NRS (New Residential Structure Certified) and ready to help!

11 Month Builder Warranty Inspection

Most new construction homes offer a 12-month warranty. The 11 Month Warranty
Inspection is performed before the warranty expires guaranteeing that any applicable
issues or needed repairs can be made before your warranty term expires.

Renters Inspection

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Premium Pro
Sewer Line Inspections
Air Testing
Gas Detection
Infrared Imaging