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At Skyline Home Inspections we empower clients to make informed decisions about property purchase and maintenance by diligently inspecting, educating, and supporting YOU with the facts. Know before you buy!

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections

When making this enormous investment having every bit of information to assist you is an obvious benefit and can prevent you from making a large mistake that you will later regret. 

Skyline Home Inspections provides you with exceptionally thorough inspections to assure that every single aspect of your prospective home has been examined in-depth. We approach our inspections like detectives, searching for any small clue that could provide you with knowledge of the home’s defects, needed repairs, or future causes for alarm.

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Walk and Talk Consultation

Walk and Talk Consultation

A “walk and talk consultation” is an ideal solution to avoid surprises and costly repairs when a full home inspection is not possible. While this inspection does not include a report or pictures it is a great opportunity for clients to have pertinent questions answered and major systems assessed by our licensed inspectors!

Renters Inspection

Renters Inspection

Utilize a renters inspection to identify current issues present that should be addressed by the landlord to maintain safe and continuing living conditions as well as create transparency about the condition of property prior to moving in.

Renters Inspection

Storm Damage Inspection

Extreme weather can leave exterior systems of the property compromised, though it may not be immediately evident to the homeowner or renter. With a storm damage inspection you can rest assured you are “in the know” about your home’s current condition and take corrective action before it is too late!

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